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Friday, May 04, 2018

No 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature, Panel Says Amid Sex Scandal

STOCKHOLM — The Swedish panel that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature said on Friday that it would take the extraordinary step of not naming a laureate this year — not because of a shortage of deserving writers, but because of the infighting and public outrage that have engulfed the group over a sexual abuse scandal.

The Swedish Academy said it would postpone the 2018 award until next year, when it will name two winners, making this the first year since World War II that the panel has decided not to bestow one of the world’s most revered cultural honors. The academy is involved only in the literature award, so other Nobel Prizes are not affected.


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Anonymous said...

Forget what you've just read.This is a ploy to not give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize.In the coming weeks the sexual abuse scandal will spill over into the other aspects,pre planned of course.The masterminds behind the Nobels' don't want world leaders involved in the selection process and will go to any means to keep their input OUT.Imagine,a sex abuse scandal in Sweden,lol.All of this is about Trump.