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Friday, May 04, 2018

How Does Worcester County Handle Recycling?

BERLIN – What do garden hoses, boat wrap, tennis shoes and lawn furniture have in common?

They’re all regularly tossed into Worcester County’s recycling bins.

“You name it it’s in there,” said Mike McClung, Worcester County’s recycling coordinator.

Contrary to popular belief, just because an item’s plastic doesn’t mean it’s recyclable, at least not in Worcester County. Even the familiar recycling symbol — the arrows forming a triangle — is not a sure sign that an item can be reused. While recyclables are typically identified with the symbol and a number from one to seven, Worcester County primarily accepts just those labeled with a one or two.

“We can only process what our vendors will accept,” McClung said. “That and we’re a small facility. We’re not set up to handle anything large.”


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Anonymous said...

"We can only process what our vendors will accept." Yet Worcester Co becomes one of the biggest County generators from May to Sept each and EVERY year.

Boys, we're almost half over here in 2018. Two thousand eighteen. Way past your bedtimes to step up into the 21 Century!