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Friday, May 04, 2018

The common household ingredient that scientists claim is WORSE for you than sugar

  • A study has revealed how soybean oil, which is the most commonly used form of vegetable oil, could be worse for you than you think
  • Not only is it a staple in most homes, it's also found in a range of packaged foods 
  • Lyndi Cohen says the household ingredient shouldn't necessarily be demonised
Sugar and fat are often branded as the worst foods for your health, but there's one little known cooking ingredient that scientists have raised concerns about: soybean oil.

While the name might not sound immediately familiar to most, soybean oil is actually one of the most commonly used forms of vegetable oil, meaning that is not only a staple in most homes, it is also found in a huge variety of packaged foods.

This form of vegetable oil has long been considered by many to be a healthy choice, however a study published in science journal PLOS One has highlighted a number of reasons why the popular cooking ingredient could be causing serious damage to your well-being - revealing it may actually be worse for you than sugar.



Anonymous said...

What next. Now the farmers can blame someone else for loss of sales besides President Trump's tariffs.

Anonymous said...

No one will lose sales income after the government mandates soybean alcohol as a gasoline additive.

Anonymous said...

Soybean product give you lots of gas too.