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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Family That Brawls Together, Stays Together

Cops: Five female relatives busted for 2:45 AM Waffle House melee

JUNE 12--A 2:45 AM
melee yesterday at a Waffle House in Pennsylvania led to the arrest of five female relatives, according to police.

The brawl Sunday at the restaurant in Lancaster pitted members of one family against three other women. As seen in the above Facebook video, in addition to hair pulling and haymakers, some of the suspects threw utensils and other items snatched off tables.

Mannheim Township police collared the quintet of brawlers for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Cops identified the defendants as Deborah Shivers, 56; Tyneisha Shivers, 37; Latonia Shivers, 31; and Mercedes Shivers, 25, (each of whom lives in nearby Reading). The fifth woman, Tonisha Shivers, 37, resides in Dallas, Texas.

The Waffle House's pristine interior is seen below in a 2016 photo.



Anonymous said...

never go to the Waffle House after 10pm, nothing good ever happens there that late !

Anonymous said...

It's a well-known phenomenon that persons of African-American heritage, especially female adults, cannot eat waffles without emotional and physical outbursts.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

That's right 348 PM! Dave Chappell said so!!

Anonymous said...

its always the waffle house

Anonymous said...

Gots to get muh gibs!

Anonymous said...

What else is open?