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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Brock-Linked Group Aiding D.C./Maryland Suit Against Trump

Members of a group linked to liberal operative and Hillary Clinton loyalist David Brock are involved in a new lawsuit filed by the Democratic attorneys general of the District of Columbia and Maryland against President Trump over his private businesses.

The lawsuit, which was filed Monday in the U.S District Court in Greenbelt, Md., focuses on the Constitution's emoluments clause, which bars foreign governments from paying U.S. officials, the Washington Post reported.

"The lawsuit alleges violations by the President of two distinct yet related provisions of the U.S. Constitution that seek to make certain that he faithfully serves the American people, free from compromising financial entanglements with foreign and domestic governments and officials," the lawsuit states.

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Anonymous said...

Troubling. It was no secret Trump was a private citizen who happened to be a rich business man. This is the kind of witch hunt that is really going to back fire. If no one who is a private citizen can run for president without being sued, what's the point?
And if democrats think they are going to set a precedent then let the buyer will come back to haunt them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Glad that this great country and state of our has gone into the cess pool of socialism

Anonymous said...

Next they'll bring in Eric Holder :(

Anonymous said...

Frivolous lawsuit. Hope they are sanctioned when it is dismissed.

Anonymous said...

When will they prosecute Hillary?

Anonymous said...

This is a crock of sh@t makes me sick to be born and raised here.Can't beleive these liberal aholes are do I doing this. It's so embarrassing, they are mad because they want to be a sanctuary state and trump wants to defund us.I think he should take away all the gov money until they follow the laws..I bet the goverment workers & politicians, wouldn't give up thier salaries to keep the state afloat.They are nothing but shuck n jive liberal money grubbing fakes.