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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Breaking News: Uber's chief executive, Travis Kalanick, is taking a leave of absence after an investigation into the ride-hailing company's culture

Travis Kalanick said he would be taking a leave in order to work on himself and reflect on building a “world class leadership team” for the company. He did not specify how long he will take away from the company.


Anonymous said...

Did he leave by riding "Uber"

Anonymous said...

A 70 Billion dollar company - that loses approximately 3 billion a year. LOL And it's far from the only one like this.

Like the "Tech Bubble" of the late 90's, the real estate and banking boom / bust of the mid 2000's, we will look back on companies like this and say, "How did we not see the signs?". Huge sums of money will be lost, some people will lose everything, the economy will suffer, and then many new laws will be passed so that it can't happen again - and then it will happen again. All over again. Again, and again, and again...

This is the New America.

Anonymous said...

Used Uber once, old clapped out Toyota van with about 280,000 miles on it and a guy that looked like he just crawled out from under a bridge who was driving. Never again.