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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Does daycare harm children's development?

Studies show long hours in daycare lead to high cortisol levels, harm children's emotional development.

A 2008 report from UNICEF's Innocenti Office of Research investigated the effects of daycare on children in the world's richest and most developed countries.

Psychotherapist Susan Gerhardt said, "What seems to be most crucial for the baby is the extent to which the parent or caregiver is emotionally available and present for him, to notice his signals and to regulate his states."

"The baby’s mother is primed to do these things for her baby by her own hormones, and is more likely to have the intense identification with the baby’s feelings that is needed, provided she has the inner resources to do so.

"Babies come into the world with the need for social interaction to help develop and organize their brains.

"If they don’t get enough empathetic, attuned attention – in other words, if they don’t have a parent who is interested and reacting positively to them – then important parts of their brain simply will not develop as well."

A child's ability to self-regulate is a result of parent-child interactions..

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Anonymous said...

Not the right daycare.

Anonymous said...

No, not if you have the right daycare.

Jim said...

I believe that daycare causes fear-of-abandonment issues and deep-seated psychological problems.

It also says to your kids that your job is more important to you than they are, since that is what you give the priority to.

There are a thousand excuses for that, but in the end it's still the truth.

Anonymous said...

there is no 'right' daycare. some may be better than others but they are all the same.

Anonymous said...

I never put my kids in daycare, they are in their twenties. I didn't have the behavior problems other moms had. I worked crappy jobs when my husband came home from work.I went without,I did it to make sure my kids were safe and well cared for. I know that some moms have no choice, but a lot of the people I knew chose a big home car and some I talked to were not interested in their children as much as themselves. They took a half a$$ job so they could throw the kids in daycare. At that time I lived in Ocean kid I knew had rich parents his mom admitted he was in daycare at 6 am and didn't get home till 7pm.she put him to bed at eight...made me sick. She could have stayed home for her child or picked him up early, she kept him their because she WS too busy with herself.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't believe anything from UNICEF. There are money-grubbing low life charity