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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Loretta Lynch, Swamp Thing

Arguably, the most interesting part of the testimony of James Comey, the cowardly lion of the criminal justice system, before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday is not that President Trump was cleared of even a scintilla of corruption and obstruction of justice but that President Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is up to her eyeballs in both. As the Daily Caller reports:

Loretta Lynch, the former attorney general under Barack Obama, pressured former FBI Director James Comey to downplay the Clinton email server investigation and only refer to it as a “matter,” Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

Comey said that when he asked Lynch if she was going to authorize him to confirm the existence of the Clinton email investigation, her answer was, “Yes, but don’t call it that. Call it a matter.” When Comey asked why, he said, Lynch wouldn’t give him an explanation. “Just call it a matter,” she said….

Earlier in his testimony, Comey said Lynch instructed Comey not to call the criminal investigation into the Clinton server a criminal investigation. Instead, Lynch told Comey to call it a “matter,” Comey said, “which confused me.”



Anonymous said...

I would think Comey is smart enough to know why he was told to call Hillary's criminal investigation a "matter." It would be less damning to a Presidential candidate who was supposed to win the election after the billions poured in from those who expected favors from Crooked Hillary.

Anonymous said...

In the end it seems Comey has a lot of ills; confused, queasy, mildly nauseous, stunned....Obvious political overtones, we are smelling the rat.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't he asked for an opinion on calling this a matter? Confused is just as damning as concluding that Hillary didn't break the law intentionally. Comey acts as if he lives in a fairy tale.

Anonymous said...

What he did was extremely careless.

Anonymous said...

Is he really confused, or just playing "the fool".??

Anonymous said...

Loretta Lynch dump her in the swamp she came out of.