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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Power Outage In Crisfield & Marion

The power outage in the Crisfield & Marion area is expected to last approximately another 1.5 hours. Crisfield Fire Department & Marion Fire Departments are open as cooling centers during this time. Please bring your own snacks and medications as these are not considered as a shelters. If you decide to remain at home, please stay hydrated!


Anonymous said...

78% of the residents took it in stride- thought they were behind in paying the bill again

Anonymous said...

With the way they charge everyone I'm not surprised everyone isn't behind.Electric is getting worse every year.

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of people do not even have AC, including myself. It's ridiculous to think anyone needs a cooling center for a couple hour power outage. We are becoming a country of wimps.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of elderly in crisfield with lots of health concerns. That's why the opened a cooling center.