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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Comey testimony: The five most important takeaways

James Comey raised quite a furor in his testimony on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee—albeit not the kind the left had anticipated.

The president’s political opponents had hoped that this hearing would finally give them what they needed to bring him down. They were sorely disappointed. Comey, despite his obvious anger at the president for being fired and the scathing criticism he has received for his mishandling of the Clinton email scandal, completely punctured their fantasy that Hillary Clinton lost because the Russians stole the election.

Moreover, Comey’s own admissions, despite his “feelings” to the contrary, laid to rest the claim that Trump somehow “obstructed justice” in the FBI’s ongoing investigation of Russia’s election shenanigans.

Indeed the most damning revelation arising from Comey’s testimony concerned his own actions, not those of the president. He admitted leaking internal FBI memos he had written about discussions with President Trump. Leaking is not a desirable trait in the director (now former) of the chief law enforcement agency of the U.S., the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


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Anonymous said...

Yet, our state is now using our tax dollars for a lawsuit. How do we stop this insanity? Perhaps it really is time for the Peninsual to become its own state and stop letting people who don't share our views force this sort of thing on us, but then again...we still have the likes of Day, Ireton, Dunn, Cannon, etc if that's the best we can elect, we'd be no better off.