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Friday, June 16, 2017

James Comey's leak admission may put him in jeopardy, say legal experts

It was reported as a damaging day for the White House, but the frank, dramatic admission by fired FBI DirectorJames B. Comey last week about how he managed to put his confidential conversations with President Trump on the front page of the nation’s newspapers has some legal experts saying Mr. Comey may be in trouble himself over unauthorized leaking.

Critics of Mr. Comey say his calculated formulation and leak of the memos through a third party suggest his actions were part of a deliberate and vendetta-driven plot — crossing dangerous lines regarding the classification of government documents and FBI conduct. They say Mr. Comey should be investigated too.

While they’ve mentioned possible violations of the Espionage Act, or prosecutable breaches of FBI protocol, the real point of controversy centers on Mr. Comey’s admission that he leaked his memos to “prompt the appointment of a special counsel” — which happened soon after the substance of his memos went public. This, they say, exposes his action as more of a self-serving Washington operator, than a move legally protected by the former head of the FBI.

“Our relationship didn’t get off to a great start given the conversation I had to have,” Mr. Comey explained as to why he wrote the memos.



Anonymous said...

Obama has filled the security agencies with liberals , FBI , CIA and all others.

Anonymous said...

if something MAY it can also MAY NOT.... have often wondered why MSM thinks may/may not is newsy. Every time I read "may in the news my brains thinks "or may not". Most often we never read that these "mays" have been dropped from headlines, and turned into "has"

Anonymous said...

Interesting that during hearings Coats, Rogers, and Sessions all refused to discuss "private" conversations with the president and were chastised by the democrats on the panel but Comey, who is the top cop, spills his guts.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope so...he has committed crimes. period

I Threw Up My Lemonade When I Saw This On Your Blog! said...

There's no 'may' to it. He is in legal jeopardy and it's about to get even worse for him. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if his ex-co-workers don't throw him under the bus and he ends up in orange. He deserves it. He didn't do his job under either administration and he politicized the FBI which is a huge no-no. You can say what you want about Hoover and his ability to blackmail people, he didn't choose any one party over another. He blackmailed everybody indiscriminately. Comey is a Democrat operative.