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Friday, June 16, 2017

After Suggestion From 2 Democratic Lawmakers, Hogan's Office Says Baltimore State Of Emergency Not Coming

Two Democratic state senators suggested that Gov. Larry Hogan declare a state of emergency to deal with violence in Baltimore. The governor's office, however, says it's not a course of action now under consideration.

"The governor needs to declare a state of emergency--possibly, i don't know, that's just a thought--because something needs to happen," Kathy Klausmeier, a Baltimore County Democrat said in an interview with C4 Thursday. "As you said, Baltimore, if it's the worst in the whole country, that [reflects on] the whole state of our beautiful Maryland."

Klausmeier said she recently held a community meeting, where she heard from county constituents about the spillover of city violence. City homicides are at a record pace.

"That's not what I want. That's not what you want. Nobody wants it," she said. "It's not just for the city. It's for the whole state in general."



Anonymous said...

Larry buddy, sometimes to get ahead one must do something they might not like. Just because you still have ill feelings of the prior Mayor NOT contacting you for help during the riots, doesn't mean you allow the continued hurt in one of YOUR cities. The good people in Baltimore (yes, there are some left) need your help - before something worse happens and THEN the finger will be pointed your way - hon!

Anonymous said...

Give the police the tools they need. Put criminals in jail and not a slap on the wrist. Drug testing for welfare recipients and list benefits if they test positive. Also you need to work if able bodied for benefits. Make slumlords clean up their properties. And if the people renting destroy property etc kick them out. Crack down on crime and stop the BS liberal crap of it being racist and in proverty as an excuse to not arrest their sorry a**es.

Anonymous said...

229 while you advice is plausible, the problem is, Maryland doesn't have enough jail space to house all the lawbreakers for the appropriate sentencing. Over crowding is nothing new and one of the reasons defense lawyers can usually plea down with all-than-willing prosecutors cutting crazy low deals.

Anonymous said...

Did ever occur to anyone that maybe the government likes having the revenue from prosecuting drug crime? They do make money in a round about way. Also by keeping the people dumb on drug it makes it easier to rip the taxpayers off. Half our population is too stoned to do anything real about it.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple; reinstate "stop and frisk" Kathy, did you think of that? Or are you too concerned of violating some thugs rights? Question: would you rather take a chance of pi##ing off some thug or keep chalking them (homicides) up?

Anonymous said...

The court system here in Salisbury is the biggest cash cow in town. Fines, taxes from lawyers' income and peripheral monies is outstanding in this County, and I'm sure in every other County as well. It's too bad that we have to depend on lawyers, fines, prison pay, and drug court to keep the city and county economy moving instead of hearing of new manufacturing jobs moving into the area.

We're dying, and there is, so far, no help.