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Friday, June 16, 2017

Snow in June!

By Thornton Crowe

Many are confused now days as fake news continues to flow forth from the mainstream media - its torn apart our society and caused many unnecessary stress and upheaval. For those of you who frequent the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, see it all the time. Unnamed sources and flat out ginned up stories are overloading the digital matrix so much, no one knows what to believe anymore.

Jim Acosta's lack of journalistic integrity...

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When you look at his two tweets here, it's clear, CNN's Acosta has many issues with fake news creation. Here he makes two tweets within a couple hours of one another; the first being fake news while the second 'corrects the record.' This jump-shark misinformed thousands, if not millions!

Notice the one correcting the record got only 68 returns while the damning fake news tweet got 1,202. Therefore, it's a safe assumption most don't know the President did go to fallen Senator Scalise's room to visit him. Most believe the President did this for 'show' without any meaning.

Acosta makes these mistakes daily (sometimes hourly) but is unapologetic about misleading the few people who still follow the failing news network. Yet, he still wonders why the Trump Administration doesn't 'cow down to him at pressers.'

This brainwashing is also evident from some of comments found here on Salisbury News. Go read them; you'd be amazed at the misinformed rambling nonsense from locals. Everything from tin foil theories to flat out denials about truthful events in spite of pictorial evidence. The sad bit is most of you are probably not aware because of Trump's discussions with top corporations, he's bring jobs back from China at a rapid rate. For example, Apple is now looking at states like Wisconsin to be their manufacturing base for iPhone. This could be happening here in Maryland but unfortunately, even if it were, we wouldn't know bones about it because of WBOC and WMDT's fascination with Trump vilification.

Isn't it disheartening our President feels the necessity to tweet knowing that if he didn't, no one would have any clue what's going on? The real shame is he has to do this at a high opportunity cost because every minute he tweets progress reports to us,  is a minute taken away from making new strides on our behalf. Thus, it's become a necessary loss liter due to a dishonest media.

It's not just national, kids...

Our local media is just as guilty of this bias reporting stylistic and it's ever-present when it comes to local politicians. They pay attention to the machinations of Day and Cannon yet, ignore or vilify most everyone else whose working to make your lives better. They don't cover the truth about their schemes and sweetheart deals. Instead, they lead you to believe Jake and company are standup people who are making it all happen here!

Think about it: our mayor employs six people to defuse negative press about City Hall, yet if he did his job, he wouldn't have to employ them at all. These people are actually paid to make comments on Salisbury News (which seldom get cleared) so you don't believe the truth about the sweetheart dealings at your expense or the other nonsense that goes on in his office.

Here's a reality break: You work 5 (some 6) out of every 12-month calendar year to pay your taxes and this is what you're getting in return at City Hall. Frankly, you should be outraged at this gross abuse and wasteful sloth!

But it's not just media or the politician's fault. We must shoulder some of the blame, too, because we allow them to form our inferences rather than educating ourselves on the facts.

Why do we, free intelligent thinkers, allow them to play us for fools

Isn't it time we started thinking for ourselves rather than run with the herd?


Anonymous said...

He has a PR department because, according to the article you posted yesterday, he believes that the city's biggest problem is image. Not jobs, not crime, but self-esteem.

When asked what Salisbury's 33,000-odd residents needs most, Day points first to an intangible.

"The thing we struggle to overcome more than anything else is a change to our community self-esteem," he said. "We look to ourselves in a poorer light than any metric would suggest that we should."

Day is referring in part to Salisbury's crime problem. According to the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention, the city's violent crime rate per 100,000 people in 2015 was almost double the state average, though it has fallen in recent years

Anonymous said...

It all goes back to people being fat, lazy and stupid... Nothing more, and nothing less... Well OK maybe, self worth too, These now one has any self worth anymore or morals... And becasue most are not directly affected, like the frog in a pot of boiling water... I sure do see a lot of people complain about their situation they could fix had they chose to, and I see a lot of people complain about stuff they let happen when they had the power to stop it, but chose not to...

Anonymous said...

Everyone just wants to blame someone else...

I Threw Up My Lemonade When I Read Your Stupid Asinine Comment said...

1037 what a pile of garbage. A PR department because we 'look at ourselves with low self-esteem?" This is the very nonsense this post refers to. Wax on. Wax on. this is insanity in overdrive. Salisbury's problem is there is no economy here worth salt. All the businesses have left or been driven out with little to no deterrence from the local government. When a community has no jobs, they have a hard time seeing much else viable. Ireton watched business after business either close or move away without a word to try to get them to stay. The same is true with Jake Day. A computer company that has been here over 20 years closed a month or two ago because of regulations and overtaxing expenses to operate. Your misinformed viewpoint is just amazing because this blog does report it, but you choose to ignore it. SMH

Anonymous said...

I read that article. Hell, give me the $120,000 he spends on PR and I'll create a business that can employ at least one person here. Such a waste of our money it's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Does 1037 realize Thornton was poking fun at Day's idiotic world view of Salisbury? Man, some people are just too gullible.

Swamp Drainer of the Shore said...

I'm pretty ticked about the fraud, waste and abuse of Salisbury government but the problem is, most smart business leaders live outside the city limits and can't run for Mayor. This is not by accident either. Who wants to live among the hoodlums and dealers Day & Duncan leave to run unmolested while they terrorize citizens at will? Nobody.

Anonymous said...

11:16 AM I am the one the pointed him in the direction of the article he referred to yesterday. So IMO you are just another idiot with comprehension issues, because I honestly have no clue what you are referring to.

But if YOU had a brain, read the article and did the math, based on Jakes ridiculous statements, it is clear that the reason he has a huge PR department is because, according to HIM, our biggest PROBLEM is that the city has low self esteem.

Not my words, HIS

Anonymous said...

June 16, 2017 at 11:02 AM - "Your misinformed viewpoint is just amazing because this blog does report it, but you choose to ignore it. "

Idiot, try reading all of the article before you start typing.
The quote was from your Mayor. It is not MY viewpoint, it was HIS viewpoint.

If I ever had any doubt about why this community is such a crap hole, all I have to do is come here are read the comments and it explains it all.

I Threw Up My Lemonade When I Read Your Stupid Asinine Comment said...

1147 sorry if I misunderstood your comment. My apologies.