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Friday, June 16, 2017

Liberals CHEER Republican Rep. Steve Scalise Being Shot

Every sane person is still in a bit of shock over this morning’s shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and busy praising the Capitol Police who prevented a massacre.

Meanwhile, vile liberals took to Twitter to praise the attack and demand even more blood. Here are some of the worst examples.
Twitter @ProzacProdigy



Anonymous said...

One liberal = all liberals?

Anonymous said...

143 I've seen many tweets similar to this on Twitter. Some from people in the press, too. Liberals are brainwashed, completely sick and demented people and the party wonders why they're losing right minded Democrats. You know a lot more Democrats voted for Trump then the media would ever admit. No one find this radicalism as fun, cute or appealing.

Anonymous said...

Yet they say they are looking out for we the people. That's why they hate Trump because is the only one in DC that is. Please stand with the man that has our 6. (map)

Anonymous said...

P O S 's!

Anonymous said...

This is she signature of the democrat party to me. When they can come out publicly with this threat to Society, it's a declared war, and I'm armed.