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Friday, June 16, 2017

Clinton Crew Dripping In Russian Entanglements While Deep State Rolls Snake Eyes On Trump

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President Trump has been dropping MOABs over Twitter, blasting his enemies for what he called the "single greatest WITCH HUNT In American political history" while nothing is being done about the fact that "Crooked H destroyed phones w/ hammer, 'bleached' emails, & had husband meet w/AG days before she was cleared - & they talk about obstruction?"

Trump raised the question as to why he's being investigated for what he calls "non-dealings" with Russia, while completely ignoring the cozy relationship between the Clintons, the Podestas, and Russian banking and energy interests.


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Concerned Retiree said...

Here is a factual situation concerning Russian collusion. Where is the special prosecutor? This shows partisan investigations. If they do not start this investigation ASAP then they should drop Trumps investigations ASAP. Blatant partisan witch hunt.