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Friday, June 16, 2017

A Viewer Writes: Salisbury Waste Water Treatment Plant Questions

Working out on Pemberton Drive a little this week, and drove through the parking lot of cars of workers at the WWTP. 60 vehicles! Let’s say each worker there makes an average of $60k including benefits. That’s $3,600,000 per year.

Add to that all the equipment being installed that’s mostly stainless steel, and the concrete that’s poured every day, I’ll guess another $7-10 million a year. We can add the 25% profit margin to that and top it off at $13-$15 million dollars PER YEAR!!! This has been an ongoing project for how many years? Is there an end in sight? Does Day inform us of the progress or what the plan/goal is, or does he just keep writing paychecks hoping they can “fix” it?


Anonymous said...

Holy $h!7, Batman!

Anonymous said...

Your numbers are way, way too high. Do some research and see how much concrete alone costs per truck. A homeowner can get 10 yards (one truck load) of standard mix for around $900. Contractors with a contract for a large project are paying around 700 for high strength mixes. They aren't pouring more than 10 trucks worth a day, so at $7k a day you do the math.

Anonymous said...

Including the cost of the failed Barrie Parsons Tilghman Memorial Sewage Plant, it'll cost in the neighborhood of $160,000,000.

Anonymous said...

Boy toy Day, how DARE you!!!!

Shameful that amount of resources!

Anonymous said...

Average of 60k?! Yeah alright....what a joke

Anonymous said...

NO. Day is too busy worrying about arts and entertainment issues and bring back Salisbury's "self esteem" along with all the other BS in that article yesterday. He's not even concerned where his own crap goes much less the rest of Salisbury's. To him, that part of the job just doesn't even exist. He's in a fairy tale.

Anonymous said...

Fire boy mayor fake day. Make Da Bury Great Again!

Anonymous said...

You do realize when you call it "Da Bury" you sound like an illiterate moron? 228 can you write/speak in words long than two syllables? You sound common.

Anonymous said...

2:32 - nah. I am common. I'm ok with that. How satisfying is it to look down your nose at those that are hard working, blue collar workers providing for their families and being secure in their lot in life? Pretty empowering for you? Makes you feel big among the smalls?

Anonymous said...

2:28 It's going to take a whole lot more than a new mayor to make Salisbury anywhere near great.

Steve said...

1:49, okay, let's use your math. $7k a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks =3.5 million dollars. just in concrete!Sorry, I was off by how much? Then all the stainless tanks, troughs and gates and electric motors and controls. add at least $8 million or so.

Sorry I was so far off, don't forget the 25% profit margin and Jake's take on top. Oh, and there's also THREE cranes there full time every day! Call up and order a crane for a day and tell me what you hear.

And the $60k a year is an average, you don't think they don't have CEO's and Consultants there in the six figure range to offset the laborers' wages?

Is there a plan?
Is there an end date?
Is there a warranty?
Has the Council approved this?
Do the local papers and TV stations keep us abreast of this work?
Are we STUPID?
Is there even a model they are duplicating that works?
Do we know the final cost? Are they working on a contract amount or just willy nilly time and materials?
Does anyone know ANYTHING?
Does the Mayor even know what's going on besides his "Extra Paycheck"?

Competent minds want to know!

Hey, Thornton, want to dive in to this one as well" Plenty of candy here, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

I bet the neighbors near there are loving the smell.

Anonymous said...

Steve, again your math is way off.

How do you get $3.5 million from my $7k figure?

I'll break it down for you since arithmetic obviously isn't your strong point.

$7000 x 5 days = $35,000 a week
$35,000 x 50 weeks/year ( that's being generous because they aren't pouring concrete 351 days out of the year) = $1,750,000

Not $3,500,000
Its $1,750,000

And $8 million on stainless?
I outfitted a bio chemistry building for Glaxo Smith Kline in Mt. joy Pennsylvania a couple years ago during a complete remodel. It was a little under $1.2 million which included a couple pieces of equipment that cost $200k each. We installed multiple 20ft x 10ft stainless tanks used in some sort of material processing, tons of stainless tables, cabinets, even cladding on door and window trim.

8 million lol. You think they are lining the walla with the stuff?