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Friday, June 16, 2017

Celebrities React To Scalice Shooting: Maybe Congress Will Support Gun Control Now

Ah yes, Hollywood. They scream gun control while counting their millions made by producing violent movies, video games, and music. They want young people to revel in the glorification of gun violence while screaming anti-gun rhetoric. The mental gymnastics needed to justify themselves is staggering, and the violence they foist on our young people’s minds is nothing short of criminal. It’s rather…hypocritical of them.

Classic celebrities…

Shortly after the news of the attack on Republican House and Senate baseball players and volunteers, Hollywood celebrities hit their twitter accounts embarrassing themselves once more. With the tone of ‘we told you so’ they were hoping that maybe NOW Congress will listen to their pleas for more gun control laws. Silly celebrities…it wasn’t the gun that caused a man to use his own free will to shoot people. It was the hate spread by the left that influenced this man’s better judgement. He thought he was a hero. Now why would he think that…huh libs? In the end, it is the person who pulls the trigger that chose to be influenced by whatever voices were most enticing. Not the gun, but the man.



Anonymous said...

I will give up my gun if they get rid of THEIR security. You first, hollywood. Double dare ya!

Anonymous said...

True very truly not the guns but the shooters, no pity for those that use drugs and can't be productive enough to work, raise their children
everything is always someone else's fault. The alcholics who drive and kill innocent other drivers. The ones who can't find jobs and work but can solicit on the highways for handouts they don't want jobs and work just cash for their habits.

Anonymous said...

What we need is MORE people with guns at all times.

Anonymous said...

If you go into the ocean and drown is it the waters fault. Maybe you should learn to swim. Before you get a gun learn how to use it but that still wont stop some from using them or getting them. Stronger laws will not some but may lower some from getting them. FFT. (map)

Anonymous said...

If everyone there had had a gun, this incident would,

A0 Never happened

B) Been over in 10 seconds.

Think about that, liberals!

Unknown said...

And I bet it was a gun free zone to boot. Can't these people read?

lmclain said...

I am the ONLY one who "controls" my guns. I don't pay fees, permits, classes, give fingerprints, get interviewed like a terrorist, or ask ANYONE for their "permission". I keep them loaded and very handy.
I buy them whenever I want, shoot them whenever I want, and don't recommend any wanna-be bad-aces getting any ideas that they can take any of them from me.
There are MILLIONS of men thinking the very same thing.
"We, the people" are THE single biggest armed force on the planet.
Go ahead. Start a fight.