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Friday, April 21, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Arkansas carried out its first execution since 2005

It has planned three more in April, before a lethal injection drug expires.
The State of Arkansas, dismissing criticism that it intended to rush too many prisoners to their deaths too quickly, on Thursday night carried out its first execution in more than a decade. Using a lethal injection drug that has been the subject of sharp constitutional debate, the state plans to execute three more men by the end of the month, before its supply of the chemical expires.

Ledell Lee, who was condemned to death for the murder of Debra Reese more than 20 years ago in a Little Rock suburb, died at 11:56 p.m. Central time at the Cummins Unit, a prison in southeast Arkansas, after the reprieves he had won in federal and state courts were overturned.


Anonymous said...

Anyone that shoots at a cop whether it kills him or not. I would even say anyone that assaults a police officer should be executed. I bet that would stop the attacks.

Anonymous said...

Not with Liberal judges and prosecuters it Wont.

Anonymous said...

Way to go join Texas as one of the smartest states!!! Eliminate the expense of keeping these people on death row feeding and providing for them year after year!!!!