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Friday, April 21, 2017

Russia moves troops, helicopters and armored vehicles to its border with North Korea

RUSSIA’S president Vladimir Putin is reinforcing his border with North Korea by relocating troops and equipment, according to reports.

The move comes as Donald Trump’s naval armada prepares to head to the Korean Peninsula.

Video footage is said to show one of three trains loaded with military equipment moving towards the 11 mile-long land frontier between Russia and the repressive state.



Anonymous said...

Perfect response to a possible refugee crisis. What does that tell us?

Jim said...

Both Russia and China have moved troops and assets to their borders with NKorea.

They wouldn't do that if this was all just talk..

Anonymous said...

Good! Now we're not the only NATO member stepping up to the plate. What about Syria, Vlad????

Anonymous said...

God help us all!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

a-men 7:40