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Friday, April 21, 2017

Number of people collecting unemployment checks hits 17-year low, jobless claims show

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The number of out-of-work people collecting unemployment checks fell to a 17-year low in April, underscoring the strongest U.S. labor market in years.

So-called continuing jobless claims fell by 49,000 to 1.98 million, marking just the second time they’ve fallen below 2 million during the current eight-year-old economic expansion. Continuing claims also dipped below the 2 million mark in March.



Anonymous said...

Don't believe it!!! Ask states to release their payroll tax data! That will show the true unemployment number. The state of Maryland uses this to show the true unemployment rate. The government reports those who are no longer filing for benefits. If you run out of unemployment benefits, you are considered employed by the government! Payroll tax data shows who used to pay into it, and those who are no longer paying payroll taxes or in another words working!
Most people are only working part time and don't quality for benefits. They still count you as employed! The true numbers are way higher than want is reported in the news. Just look at the number of people now applying for public assistance like welfare or food stamps. It's higher than it has ever been in history. A legacy of the great recession of 2008 and these free trade deals that have taken workers out of the work force in their most productive years from 30 to 65.

Anonymous said...

There has to be a claim to be part of the measure. It doesn't count people out of work who haven't applied or who have used their benefit up and can't qualify for more.

Anonymous said...

How ironic. I was just laid off.

Anonymous said...

Its a false number because many who've stopped collecting unemployment aren't eligible for any more payments. This is an on-going problem with these unemployment numbers. When you stop collecting a check, the government assumes you're employed which is often NOT the case.

Anonymous said...

From what I see and hear most people are on disability now must be as easy as just signing up. And keep in mind pays longer and a lot more $. A lot of able bodied 20-30 year olds in Presidents Neighborhood area brag about it hear them all the time main subjects: baby mamas, rug rats and disability----no joke

Anonymous said...

BULLSHIP number!