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Friday, April 21, 2017

Special Weather Statement (Dense Fog)

Event: Special Weather Statement

Alert:  ...Dense Fog Across the Lower Maryland Eastern Shore...
Locally dense fog is affecting portions of the lower Maryland
Eastern Shore this morning with visibility as low as one-quarter
mile. This fog should lift between 8-9 am. Motorists should be
alert for sudden changes in visibility due to the locally dense
fog. Drive at reduced speeds and use low beam headlights only.

Target Area:
Inland Worcester


Anonymous said...

Is this about the "Dense Fog", the Mayor, and Chief are in?

Anonymous said...

"Dense fog" ? Pul-lease! There was hardly even any reduced visibility, and I drove through all three counties this morning between 7 & 8 this morning. There was fog, but no "dense" fog. That report is an exaggeration.