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Friday, November 18, 2016

Soros spends millions to bury Republicans, elect liberal prosecutors

Republican Matthew McCord was feeling pretty good about the $12,000 he had raised for his campaign for Henry County district attorney when he was blindsided by a September surprise.

New York billionaire George Soros dumped $147,000 into Georgia Safety & Justice, an independent-expenditure committee registered on Aug. 26, aimed at defeating Mr. McCord and electing his opponent, Democrat Darius Pattillo.

After recovering from the shock, Mr. McCord, a former prosecutor in Clayton and Newton counties, did what he thought was best for himself and the party: He dropped out of the race, allowing Mr. Pattillo to run unopposed.

“It was horrible,” said Mr. McCord, a lawyer in private practice in McDonough. “They rented space, they had a staff, they were using a Washington, D.C.-based PR firm. So what I knew was they could say whatever they wanted to say about me. It didn’t matter if it was true, and I would have no way to respond.”



Anonymous said...

PAC's are (legally) stealing elections all over the country, taking them too often from the best qualified to only the best funded.

Anonymous said...

I wish this guy would go away already or go broke trying.

Anonymous said...

Trumps new CIA should eradicate that cancer!

Anonymous said...

I hope all of these rich trouble makers are arrested.
Better yet, ship them out of this country.

Anonymous said...

So you quit, when the going got tough and Soros $ started to flow?! Thank God Trump didn't do the same.