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Friday, November 18, 2016

Md. Man Charged With Aiding ISIL Argues Freedom Of Speech

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Harford County man charged with aiding ISIS wants a judge to throw the charges out.

WJZ”S Alex DeMetrick reports his lawyers are arguing his right to freedom of speech is being violated.

It was postings on social media that brought the FBI to Mohamad Elshinawy’s front door in Harford County last year.

Charging documents allege he pledged allegiance to ISIL and called himself a soldier of the state.



Anonymous said...

Let him go live there and never come back. TRAITOR!

Anonymous said...

That's not freedom of speech that is TREASON!

Anonymous said...

His lawyer is using the wrong defense.

ISIS is a creation of the US intelligence agencies.
It works in the interests of the US government to destabilize the region and Syria in particular.
His allegiance to ISIS is thereby allegiance to the US government.

Russia and Syria are fighting ISIS.
The US and Turkey are allies with ISIS.

The American People have been lied to about the whole mess.
Ambassador Stevens intended to expose the lies, and was murdered as a result.

Zorro said...

Obama and Hillary had Steven's murdered.....