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Friday, November 18, 2016

Man fatally shot by brother on South Carolina hunting trip

A man mistook his own brother for a small animal and fatally shot him during a family hunting trip in South Carolina.

Scott Pickle shot what he thought was a coyote or small doe on Saturday evening, only to find his older brother Brian Pickle, 30, dead in the woods with a gunshot wound to the head, police said.

The two brothers were 'best friends' who moved in together three years ago, according to Brian's obituary. No charges were immediately filed.

The brothers, who lived at the same address in Atlanta, Georgia, were accompanied by their father Gregory Pickle, of Illinois, during the hunting trip in South Carolina.

They were on land leased for hunting and Scott was in a rush to take the shot around 6pm because nightfall was coming, Union County Sheriff David Taylor said.

Brian died from a gunshot wound to the head, according to coroner William Holcombe, who told the Atlanta Journal Constitution: 'It was a family hunting outing turned horribly tragic.'

Taylor said: 'We see these types of accidents all too frequently.'



Anonymous said...

He's a good shot at least.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a little fishy to me mistaken for a coyote. A head shot. Seems to me if he was shot in the head the shooter could see the head. Unless he just shot at a noise or movement which a real hunter would not do. You must see what you are shooting at.

Anonymous said...

"Bush shot". Sounds like what some of the Baltimore hunters talk about when they come over here to hunt deer. It is scary that they are so eager to shoot something that they won't even wait to see what is making the noise.

Anonymous said...

If you live near the woods, don't be hanging your clothes out to dry in the back yard during deer season.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he is in a bit of a pickle. Sorry lol just had to say it

Anonymous said...

Sounds about as bad as dumbass that shot up into a deer stand a few years back. Enter the woods this time of year of you want to

Anonymous said...

What a horrible thing to discover that you had just shot and killed your own big brother, This will stay with him for life. God be with him.