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Friday, November 18, 2016

Atlanta Man Jokes About Voting For Trump. Gets Shot To Death

Mitchell Mormon Jr. was gunned down outside of a popular, Atlanta, Georgia, bar early Sunday morning shortly after entering into an argument over Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

Shaunita Walker, who had accompanied Mormon on a date Saturday night, was also injured in the shooting and explained to WSBTV how the murder happened.

According to Walker, Mormon and the shooter began arguing outside the bar, Church, after the shooter made an inappropriate comment about Walker.

Mormon reportedly joked to the man — whom Walker identified as Hispanic — that he had voted for Trump and that he would be deported within the next week.



Anonymous said...

Excessive alcohol consumption was not involved.

Anonymous said...

Illegals are nervous, as they should be. There's a law they should abide by but thanks to Obama, who has encouraged illegals to flood in, they will suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

typical Liberal supporter. MAybe now he will be deported or ????

Anonymous said...

Another death attributed to democrats and rinos. You have let this country sink to the cesspool it has become. Hopefully we can bounce back, but it will be an ugly clime back up the moral/legal mountain.