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Friday, November 18, 2016

Illinois Pension Funding Ratio Sinks To 37.6% As Unfunded Liabilities Surge To $130 Billion

As we've noted before, Defined Benefit Pension Plans are, almost by definition, a ponzi scheme. Current assets are used to pay current claims in full in spite of insufficient funding to pay future liabilities: classic Ponzi. But unlike wall street and corporate ponzi schemes no one goes to jail here because the establishment is complicit. Everyone from government officials to union bosses are incentivized to maintain the status quo - public employees get to sleep better at night thinking they have a "retirement plan," public legislators get to be re-elected by union membership while pretending their states are solvent and union bosses get to keep their jobs while hiding the truth from employees.

That said, certain states are better at the ponzi game than others and the great state of Illinois, we must say, is one of the best. As we noted a few months ago, Illinois governor Bruce Rauner even admitted to being a willing participant in his state's pension ponzi warning that should his largest public pension fund do what it should have done long ago, it would put a big dent in the state's already fragile finances and lead to "crippling" pension payment hikes. But, if you ignore the problem then surely it will just go away...good plan.



Anonymous said...

No surprise in a state that's run by democrats

Anonymous said...

A true blue state just like ours

Anonymous said...

I predicted this in 1974 when I was 20 and asked to get a Union job. I did the math back then and said there's no way my money would be there for me when I retired.

It's math. Learn it, and it will do you well.

Anonymous said...

$130B is an outrageous amount of money.
Why would anyone EXPECT to receive a pension from that system?