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Friday, November 18, 2016

Mob Of Anti-Trump High School Students BRUTALLY Beat 15 Yr-Old Trump Supporter

This is getting out of hand… someone is going to get killed if this keeps up. In Rockville, Maryland, high school students walked out during a so-called peaceful protest over Donald Trump being elected our 45th President. Let’s put aside for a moment that if I caught my child doing this over ANY election, they’d be grounded into the next century. These kids went even further and savagely beat a 15 year-old for supporting Trump and wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap. You people do realize this is only going to make Trump more popular, right? Those who didn’t support him, will support him just because of this kind of crap.

Four teens punched and savagely kicked this boy… all because of a political statement that was harmless. The kid did not fight back, I guess he couldn’t. Police have at least one of the attackers identified, reports say. The 17 year-old suspect is not in custody, but has been interviewed by officers. And why in the hell isn’t he in custody for assault? If this had been reversed politically, you can bet the kid would be in handcuffs. He is facing assault charges… but he should be in jail over this.


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