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Friday, November 18, 2016

Sneak Peek: An Exclusive Look Inside Perdue’s Chicken Farm

Food journalist Mark Schatzker visits a Perdue hatchery and chicken farm with Perdue’s vice president Bruce Stewart-Brown to find out why Perdue is going antibiotic-free.



Anonymous said...

They dont want to end up in another documentary. "Food Inc."

Anonymous said...

Perdue is full of sh-T. They are growing 'organic chickens' outside the chicken house. This is an environmental disaster. All the poop will now go into the bays and creeks instead of staying in the confined chicken houses. Nothing but a marketing gimmick.

Anonymous said...

Perdue was smart to do this. I have just recently started buying Perdue chicken again after buying organic. Organic chicken has just gotten too expensive.

Anonymous said...

Those breasts may be big and the meat tender, but the consistency of the cooked product is getting weird.

Anonymous said...

They need to start treating their people better!