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Friday, November 18, 2016

N.C. Liberals: Out for the Count

If you can’t win the election, steal it! That’s been a strategy of some on the Left for decades, and in North Carolina, plenty of voters are wondering if the same hijinks are taking place in the hotly-contested race for governor. For conservatives, who watched incumbent Pat McCrory (R) take a sizeable lead well into the counted precincts, it was a shock to see the last minute, inexplicable surge for his opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper. Later, voters learned that because of some “technical glitches,” a heavily Democratic Durham County had petitioned to stay open later -- a clear advantage for the trailing liberal. An emergency appeal to the state Board of Elections demanding that polls stay open an extra hour was granted, resulting in a flood of last-minute Cooper ballots.

As if that weren’t fishy enough, the county already has a history of foul play. “A Superior Court Judge was recently quoted as saying, ‘Durham historically hasn’t figured out how to carry out an election properly.’ Also, the State Bureau of Investigation has opened up an investigation of the processing of provisional and absentee ballots.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only inconsistency in an election separated by barely 5,000 votes. “In the final days of the campaign, the NAACP won a court order for thousands of North Carolinians to be reinstated on voter rolls,” Bloomberg pointed out.



Anonymous said...

I think in the end this election will prove that voter fraud does exist and will pave the way for mandatory ID in order to vote. There is no way that McCory could have gone from almost 50,000 votes ahead to 5,000 votes behind with only the 94,000 Durham votes left. That means he had to lose Durham by 74,000 to 20,000.

Anonymous said...

so who actually won and by how many votes? did the existing gov. contest the race?

Anonymous said...

5:26 No one has been declared the victor yet. The count was supposed to be completed today but various organizations including McCory's reelection committee have contested various counties results. Probably still a week or more from this being finalized. Could end up being like Bush-Gore in 2000. McCory has been a very good Governor but if he loses and the end result is that a voter id becomes required across the country it will be worth the loss. Hopefully Trump has enough sense to hire McCory.

Anonymous said...

Trump won North Carolina, no way this election was fixed.

Anonymous said...

Republican Trump won by 180,000 votes, Republican Senator Burr won by 270,000 votes, Republican Lt. Governor Forest won by 300,000 votes. Republican Governor McCory lost by 5,000 votes. Does that sound normal to you.