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Friday, November 18, 2016

Should Your Job Be A Factor In How Much You Pay For Auto Insurance?

While many consumer advocates believe that drivers’ auto insurance rates should be based on factors that only relate directly to their activity on the road, many states allow insurers to use a wide variety of considerations — including education, marital status, homeownership, and occupation — to help set those rates? With one state looking to halt the use of occupation data, we wanted to know what our readers think. 


Anonymous said...

Maryland shouldn't require you to buy insurance.. this is why the rates are not competitive.. companies know you must have it so they bilk you out of your money. The fines for not having it are outrageous, especially if you have multiple vehicles. Maryland makes you pay for breathing!! I feel like insurance is a scam especially since I have not claimed a accident in twenty years and never claimed on my home. Yet they never pay people full amounts on claims, and in disasters screw people out of their right to replace what was destroyed. Look at Sandy.. there are still people in New York who never are able to replace their homes due to the insurance companies greed.. And health insurance is a mess too. If you claim they drop you or raise the rates so high that you have to find another company, if you can! We need harder regulation on what these companies can and cant people,maximum time and minimum dollar amounts on certain claims.

Scott said...

I think if you never file a claim, there should be a cap put on how much you need to pay.
I think insurance is another from of taxation that needs to really be looked into. I pay over a thousand per year on homeowners insurance, I've lived in my home for over thirty years with no claim.
Is it right or fair to keep paying these rates? I have four cars that I am paying insurance on. 100 per month on an 05 Taurus for my 20 year old who is looking for work, 600 every six month's for my 23 year old son still in college, and almost a thousand every six months for an 09 Nissan and an 05 Honda Pilot. My wife an I are over 50. Never had an accident. I have paid enough in into auto insurance alone to have paid for more than one vehicle, even at today's high prices.
Considering, life, home, health, and auto, a good part of my income goes to paying insurance with little left to pay for anything else. God help you if you ever have to file a claim!
They are on your side until you do! And all I get to show for the money I flush down the toilet is a F**king calendar and a 3x5 seasons greeting card at Christmas!!!!
Can't wait see how much my home owners insurance will be this year. Renewal is in December!!! One thing you can guarantee like taxes, it won't go down!!!