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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Political pundits: We're fired!

For more than a year, political pundits like myself predicted Donald Trump wouldn't run for president. After he ran, we said he wouldn't last. After he lasted, we said he couldn't win the primary, and then that he couldn't win the general election.

Damn, were we wrong.

Now, like broken records, we're going to spout off on just why we think we were so historically wrong.

We've already seen various reactions by stunned pundits, and a no-show by Hillary Clinton as the race was called. Some pundits are accusing the nation of suddenly bringing racism and sexism to the voting booth, while others are eating crow. Clinton campaign manager John Podesta told supporters Clinton wouldn't concede (a claim that was immediately countered by a report of a Clinton call to Trump) and some are claiming voter intimidation helped Trump over the top.


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