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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Isn't Going Away For Awhile. Here's Why

Continuing Freedom of Information Act lawsuits and related litigation will keep former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the spotlight, despite her upset loss to President-Elect Donald Trump.

Conservative nonprofit government watchdogs aren’t withdrawing their lawsuits just because Clinton lost the election. Many of these litigations seek the release of more of Clinton’s emails from her tenure as America’s chief diplomat.

The lawsuits remain important for evidence they may yet yield regarding allegations that the Clinton Foundation engaged in pay-to-play schemes facilitated in part or whole by the private email addresses and the home-brew server located in her New York home.

The multi-billion dollar charity continues to operate internationally and accept contributions from wealthy individuals and foreign governments. It’s facing an intense FBI investigation, The Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported.



Anonymous said...

did you ever wonder how much all the Clintons' investigations have cost us? how can we get George Soros to pay for them?

Anonymous said...

What isn't Soros be charge and prosecuted for inciting riots?