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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Advocates Ready for War to Save Obamacare

Defenders of President Barack Obama's universal health care program are vowing to wage "total war" to block Donald Trump and congressional Republicans from repealing the Affordable Care Act, Politico reports.

Known as Obamacare, the program covers 22 million people. But Trump repeatedly attacked it during the presidential campaign and vowed to repeal it.

"We've got the battle of our lifetime ahead of us," said Ron Pollack, executive director of advocacy group Families USA, reports Politico. "We're going to have a huge number of organizations from all across the country that will participate in this effort."

But the website notes the options for saving the controversial program are limited.

Advocates of the program are unable to prevent congressional Republicans from passing legislation targeting the law. And, Politico reports, once Trump takes office, he can use his executive powers to "block, change, or put on hold key elements" of the legislation.



Anonymous said...

The ACA is the worst legislation ever - except for the Patriot Act

Anonymous said...

Was there a kidnapping in salisbury ?

Anonymous said...

it is garbage. overpriced garbage. high premiums, high deductibles and outrageous copays.

the only ones not complaining are welfare recipients and anyone under 30 who pay nothing.

the government controlled media is lying to you. Ask any legitimate insurance broker, ask your neighbor, go to the market place and find out for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Trump s already flipping on all his promises.

Unknown said...

if you took the people on the welfare rolls and those using their parent's insurance the total would probably drop to two million ,instead of 22 million so many self emplyed individuals cannot afford insurance for their family and stay a one man operation because he cannot afford to expand the welfare receipants are getting a roof over their head,free food and they spend their money on a lexus to impress their neighbors while the working man is driving around in a 10 year old truck and democrats wonder why hillary lost the election? hillary and obama both lost touch with the working class

Brian Dayton said...

Yea, it is affordable all right. Was paying $850 premium for a family of four, with a $2500 deductible before. Now paying $2220 with a $12,000 deductible.

Thanks a lot obummer, you idiot.