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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump transition battle underway

The stunning upset election of Donald Trump on Tuesday has set off a behind-the-scenes political battle inside the Trump transition team in Washington.

The battle is pitting conservative advisers against moderate Republicans. Both sides are working to take control of the incoming administration by arranging key appointments.

According to sources close to the transition team working in offices at 1717 Pennsylvania Ave., key aides to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are seeking to have Mr. Trump arrange the appointments of moderate Republicans, possibly including some of the more than 100 who signed a letter during the campaign vowing never to work for the New York businessman if he was elected president. Some of the former officials who opposed Mr. Trump are now recanting that involvement in the letter in hopes of getting a job in the new administration.

Mr. Trump has vowed that the Republican establishmentarians who opposed him will not get jobs in his administration.

The word from two sources outside the transition team but familiar with discussions is that Mr. Christie may be replaced as the leader of the transition by someone more in line with Mr. Trump’s announced populist policies. The governor is under fire after convictions of two former aides in the traffic scandal dubbed Bridgegate.



Anonymous said...

How about "Trump Transition Team in High Gear"...doesn't have to be a battle. duh.

Anonymous said...

It goes to show that if you sit on the fence, you might not be able to get off of it.