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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Liberal Fear

Liberal Fear: "If Donald Trump wins, he'll lead us into war!"
REALITY: "Within 48 hours of Trump's election, Russia and Syria both announced their desire for peace with the United States."

Liberal Fear: "If Donald Trump wins, women will lose their standing and have no future or opportunities."
REALITY: "The first woman in American history to successfully manage a presidential campaign was Trump's campaign manager."

Liberal fear: "If Donald Trump wins, we can no longer call ourselves a land of opportunity who welcomes immigrants."
REALITY: "An immigrant is the first lady of The United States. (Guess it pays off coming here legally)"

Liberal Fear: "If Donald Trump wins, we have to fear for our safety."
REALITY: "The only danger to public safety is the mob of protesters, rioting in the streets."

Liberal Fear: "If Donald Trump wins, the economy will crash irreparably!"
REALITY: "Days after his election, the DOW has hit record highs, and the dollar is at multi-decade high against the Chinese RMB. (More than 6.8 RMB -1 USD)

Unknown author


Anonymous said...

The Market will still very likely crash because it's been artificially inflated for a few years now to proffer a successful Obama economy to meet the false narratives. When it does plummet, fear's only temporary and it will rebound as new tax reductions and regulatory deletions take effect. Businesses will have growing pains along with Americans but saving our Republic is far more important than to wallow in temporary conditions.

Anonymous said...

The world's not ending because Trump is pres...these people are overdramatic cowards who crave any attention..and are intellectually's a sad shame we have raised a bunch of namby pamby makes me sick...

Anonymous said...

Some will listen, others will follow the lead lemming over the cliff with their iPods turned up to 11.

Anonymous said...

Good grief it wasn't Trump throwing around the anti Russia rhetoric in the year or so leading up to the election.