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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Canadian Suggests Five Northern Destinations for Depressed Clinton Supporters

Brian Hutchinson, a columnist for Canada’s National Post, has written a helpful guide for Clinton supporters like Barbra Steisand who vowed to move to Canada if their candidate lost the presidential election.

The guide will help ensure that they do not get a nasty surprise when they arrive up north.

“Welcome, American refugees! Bienvenue à tous! Thank you for considering Canada as your next home,” Hutchinson writes.

“Judging by the sudden level of interest you’ve shown in our country — you crashed our Citizenship and Immigration website last night, hours before Donald Trump delivered his victory speech — we expect millions of you to be crossing the border very soon.”

In “Moving tips for Americans – Where you should go to avoid Canada’s Trump-like regions,” Hutchinson explains that “there are certain places in our great federation you might want to avoid.

“Southern Alberta, for example. It’s a bit like Missouri, or Texas, or Oklahoma. You know, sort of…Trump-like. You’d arrive there, look around, and probably think you’d never left the mid-west.”

Instead, Hutchison suggests that Clinton supporters check out these five non-Trump-like locales:

Nelson, B.C.: Discovered by Vietnam draft dodgers who never left, Clintonistas can just “show up in a Subuaru with an ‘I Hate Trump’ bumper sticker and you’ll be made to feel welcome.”

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