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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Despondent Democrats Bring ‘Therapy Dogs’ to Capitol Hill After Trump Victory

Democratic staffers were so upset over the popular election of President Elect Donald Trump that “therapy dogs” were brought into the U.S. Capitol to soothe their hurt feelings.

Two golden doodles, two American Eskimo dogs, and a beagle mix were walked around the Cannon Office Building where many members of the House of Representatives have offices, according to NBC News.

In a press release the groups said, “the help of a non-judgmental, furry, four-legged best friend that enjoys bipartisan support.”

A similar effort was mounted at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the Springfield News-Sun reported.

TODAY in the First Floor Terrace!
Therapy doggo, coloring books, and Appreciation Station!

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Anonymous said...

Now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

This is another example of just how unstable the democrats and their party are. They were assured the fix was in and everyone would have their hand out and their payday.

The simple-minded kids are maladjusted, and the adults that created them are maladjusted so collectively, had the democrats won the election, this demonstrates clearly the only thing they can do is fall into mental collapse. Just think what would have happened to this country! GOD BE PRAISED. HE SAW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, AND SAVED US FROM TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

I shake my head to think this is how mature people act. Too many fractured incapable people walking the earth. They are all called democrats and they are losers.

Anonymous said...

LOL are these adults or college punks....they need to grow up!! The working class people have spoken.

Anonymous said...

All of us with common sense knew they were crazy. Possibly on the verge of insane. They are the reason the US and its younger generation is so dishearted. They need to get their "Big Boy Pants On" and start acting like a rational adult that loves this Country and its Constitution.