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Saturday, November 12, 2016

A fitting end to Hillary Clinton's public service career

Hillary Clinton will probably take a little time to recover from her devastating loss Tuesday night, but I doubt she'll be out of the public eye forever. I don't think, however, that she will run for office again (or maybe third time's a charm?).

Previously, I wrote that in her concession speech on Wednesday Clinton couldn't help but fall into her habit of talking about being a woman and the possibility of becoming the first woman president. Yet ultimately, it was a stoic and powerful speech.

Where was this side of Clinton during the campaign? Some people on Twitter wondered: What if the tone of the campaign had been between concession-speech Clinton and acceptance-speech Donald Trump? It might not have been such a divisive campaign.

Clinton had already lost points the previous night when she declined to address her supporters, who had waited for hours at her "victory" party headquarters in New York. Instead, she sent campaign chair John Podesta to announce that they would wait until more votes were counted before they said anything more.



Anonymous said...

She is a classless, egotistical, evil witch.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, 4:46!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Hillary's been "servicing" the public for the past thirty years, alright.

Anonymous said...

Hillary, just go away!

Paladin said...

The woman is caustic and completely lost it that night. She honestly believed that although it would be a close race, she would be coronated as was her right. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't nearly as close as she and others made it out to be, and she and the pollsters completely undervalued and completely missed the pulse of the nation, which President Elect Trump (using less than half the money and relying on expert instincts) did not.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they will elect her queen of California and she can run that god- less country into the ground. The wall that we build can run from Mexico straight up to Canada. We will throw in Washington state and Oregon for free.

Anonymous said...

A four year break isn't going to change any of the facts, nor improve her performance scores in any arena. She'll still be a terrible candidate, if not a worse one than she is now, after the rest of her family's dirty laundry is hung out.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want her back at any price but after four years of Howdy Doody in the Whitehouse we'll be begging for a anyone other than him. The guy has flipped on numerous issues only days after winning the election. All of a sudden the Clintons are "magnificent intelligent people", Obama care maybe doesn't need repealing, just fixing. Don't get all fired up, I'm not anti Trump, I wanted to believe in him, I voted for him but I see a shift in his personality and rethinking of campaign promises already.
I hope I'm proven wrong.