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Monday, November 28, 2016

Here's what 5 of your favorite products would cost if they were made in the US

In his first address since his victory speech — a two-and-a-half minute YouTube video posted November 21 — President-elect Donald Trump dove right into theissue of trade.

On his first day in office, Trump said, he plans to “issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a disaster for our country.”

Free trade teals like the TPP and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) played a prominent role in Trump’s campaign message. Though the TPP is not yet in effect, Trump has consistently blamed NAFTA and other trade deals for shipping too many jobs overseas and hurting the US economy.

Although there is broad support for increasing US manufacturing power overall, goods made in the US are inevitably more expensive than those created in countries where labor is cheaper, such as China, Vietnam, and Mexico. If the production of popular items like iPhones and sneakers were done domestically rather than abroad, their prices would increase considerably.

Here’s what five of your favorite products would cost if they were American-made.



Anonymous said...

It's all total BS!!!
A pair of one hundred dollars shoes made in the U.S. still costs 100 dollars made in China! Outsourced goods still cost the same when they were made here and we had jobs here. It's all corporate greed for cheap labor. They might bring the manufacturing back, but it won't matter, because plants will automate through robotics as much of the manufacturing process as they can.
They are already starting to do this in China. The future will probably be population reduction. Skilled labor will be all that's left. The rest will be useless feeders.

Anonymous said...

Come on folks, straight from Gordon Gecko's mouth:

(from the movie Wallstreet, Michael Douglas 1987, when a cell phone was the size of a tennis shoe with a long retracting antenna)

Times sure have cha-cha-changed!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is crap.....other factors would be considered which this one doesn't. Not every manufacturer in the U.S. is unionized demanding higher hourly rates, in fact I would prefer non-union manufacturer and made her in the U.S. I FOR ONE WILL GLADLY PAY MORE FOR PRODUCTS MADE IN THE U.S. it ultimately boost our economy!

Anonymous said...

Of course the manufacturers will automate their factories but someone has build those factories and make, install, operate and maintain that automatic equipment. That should all be done here by Americans. As far as unions go they have pretty much destroyed themselves by getting greedy just think of all the companies that have left our area. A lot of good well paying jobs would still be here.