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Monday, November 28, 2016

African Migrants Riot Against 'Racist' Italians, Warn 'Allah Will Guide Us in Revenge'

Locals were terrified as African migrants rioted, throwing projectiles and screaming threats at passers-by in a protest against “racist” Italians on Wednesday and Thursday in Turin.

The Bataclan massacre was a “revenge of the excluded”, warned one of the hundreds of migrants, most of them illegal, who took to the streets to protest against not being given a “decent life” by Italian taxpayers.

“We have nothing in this city”, a man from Cameroon said, angry that people in Italy “do not understand that we are also boys and would like a decent life”.

The rioters are among 1,500 Africans illegally squatting in Turin’s abandoned Olympic village. Most of the men are in their twenties and while there are some who work on the black market, many complain about having nothing to do.



Anonymous said...

Wipe those terrorts OUT.

Anonymous said...

Let Allah guide you to my driveway. I have a 30 caliber welcome mat all laid out for you. Be sure to smile and wait for the flash.

Anonymous said...

Kinda hard to COEXIST with someone that is trying to kill you!

Anonymous said...

After military conquests, Muhammad would dole out captured women as war prizes to his men. In at least one case, he advocated that they be raped in front of their husbands. Captured women were made into sex slaves by the very men who killed their husbands and brothers. There are four Quranic verses in which "Allah" makes clear that a Muslim master has full sexual access to his female slaves, yet there is not one that prohibits rape.

The Quran gives Muslim men permission to beat their wives for disobedience, but nowhere does it order love in marriage (although it does say that "love" exists). The verses plainly say that husbands are “a degree above” their wives. The Hadith says that women are intellectually inferior, and that they comprise the majority of Hell’s occupants

Anonymous said...

Islam is a fake religion.
Allah doesn't exist.
We know it. They don't know it yet.

They were mind controlled by someone a long time ago.
Who created this fake religion?
Was it Jews or Christians?

Take a wild guess.