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Monday, November 28, 2016

Berlin Fire Department On Scene For Fire On Flower Street

Berlin Fire on scene, Flower St. multi purpose building. Fire in the boiler room. On scene, smoke showing.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to seriously look into how Worcester County dispatched this call. The fire call came in as a local alarm one company response, for a chimney fire in a School. Thank God no children were hurt, as they did have an active fire in the boiler room. How this was not dispatch as a high occupancy building fire, leaves me to wonder if Worcester County dispatch knows what the hell they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Need to look at a lot going on with Dispatching. Lots of changes and not all for the good heard one of the dispatchers in a local restaurant the other day talking about it

Anonymous said...

Heard they have someone from another County in charge trying to make this like wherected he came from. it used to be really simple if theyou wanted a fire response they said Showell Fire respond and if they wanted an ambulance they said Showell ems respond now it is all this local medical box and you aren't sure if the dispatchers are saying it right as it is hard to hear on some pagers and some dispatchers voices if they are saying local or medical. What a mess thought we were using plain language