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Monday, November 28, 2016

BREAKING: Active shooter reported at the Ohio State University campus in Columbus

An active shooter was reported on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus Monday, the school and campus police said.

The school tweeted at 9:56 a.m. that there is an active shooter on campus.

“Run Hide Fight,” the school wrote in a tweet. The school said the apparent incident happened at Watts Hall, a science and engineering building.

OSU Police tweeted the same alert, and wrote in another tweet, “Continue to shelter in place. Avoid area of College.”


UPDATE: 7 patients are being transported. One of the patients is critical.


Anonymous said...

Gun free zone ?

Anonymous said...

Fight?? LOL Those campus lefty Snowflakes would never fight.

Anonymous said...

"Gun free zone ?"


Anonymous said...

looks like he didnt even have a gun. Only the media ASSUMED it was a shooting

Anonymous said...

Read the headline. It said active shooter reported. There was an active shooter! The police shot the man. Im sure someone that heard gunshots didn't go to investigate where it was coming from.

Anonymous said...

Another muslim hmmmnnnn.

Anonymous said...

Yup the Coward millinials fight ?? More like flight.

Anonymous said...

I guess you rejected my comment this morning suggesting that it might have been a Somali perp.
Surprise. It was one of the 48,000 Somalis that live in Columbus. A 'refugee'.
That isn't a racist comment-- it's just fact.
And there is a huge (and fairly radical) mosque there, too, about a mile from the campus.
The Somali student had complained about a lack of prayer space for muslims (does that sound familiar?), and apparently had posted positive things about a radical al Qaida leader.
ISIS had just issued instructions for random knife attacks to be conducted in the US.
And... he used a knife. Huh.

Was this a terror attack? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The media is so quick to blame guns.The attack was with his car and a knife. I guess we should have background checks and confiscate all silverware and steak knives.