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Monday, November 28, 2016

14 neglected dogs seized by animal welfare officers; Millsboro man charged with animal cruelty

A Millsboro man faces charges in connection with what an animal welfare services investigator calls one of the worst neglect cases the agency has ever seen.

Atwood Timmons II of Millsboro is charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty and other violations related to lack of care of the dogs.

14 neglected dogs were seized from the Millsboro property last Wednesday, and Timmons was charged two days later.

Some of the dogs needed emergency veterinary care. They and the others, some of which were malnourished or had parasites or other symptoms of neglect, are now being cared for by the Brandywine Valley SPCA.

Four deceased dogs also were found.



Anonymous said...

God bless those who saved these poor defenseless creatures! Thank you for being their voice!!!

Anonymous said...

Another piece of crap. Simply lock a chain around his neck, attach it to a post in the center of town and then just observe.

Anonymous said...

The other day a lady was posting about hanging drug dealers but this is the type of person that needs to be hanged.

Anonymous said...

your rite, they should treat the "animal" who had the dogs, the way he kept them; maybe then, they will take care of their pets(animals)fines for animal cruelty or not justice enough, left outside without suitable shelter for a month may make these people think (an eye for an eye)

Anonymous said...

Wonder if DE laws consider this a felony?
I sure as heck hope so& hope they get more
then they deserve, but with jails overflowing
now ---it's highly unlikely.
MD doesn't recognize aNIMAL ABUSE AS A FELONY
and I doubt the "Puppy Mill"
owners who were arrested in SBY last Spring
will get more then a fine when they finally
come to trial.
Unless our Laws are changed to protect the
helpless creatures---this will continue and
people such as these are--- "next victims" will
be a child or an elderly person.
It's a known fact that ----abusers starts with an animal.

Anonymous said...

To 3:56, the irony is that this guy is likely abusing drugs or was raised by folks who were- comes back to drug dealers. No excuse for abusing animals and there is a special place in he'll for this guy and drug dealers.