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Monday, October 24, 2016

Wikileaks: Hillary Plans to Implode US Economy

Clinton funded by globalist banksters intent on bringing America to its knees

Completing the destabilization of the west, the globalists’ pawn Hillary Clinton will detonate the economic bubble set up by Obama and usher in the New Liberal World Order. Alex Breaks it all down.

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“Wikileaks: George Soros To Be Shadow President Of USA”


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Anonymous said...

Why do we not hear more about Soros being a Socialist? I believe there are people out there who still do not understand his connection to all that is going on in the election. I know that is hard to believe, but that is true. I am always talking to people about this election as I am a Trump deplorable and I will do what ever I can to make everyone understand what is going on and I am still amazed at how many people don't understand what the New World Order means or who George Soros is and what his role in the Democratic party has been for some years now.