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Monday, October 24, 2016

Mexico arrests ex-police chief in case of 43 missing students

Mexican authorities arrested on Friday the fugitive former police chief of the city where 43 students disappeared after officers abducted them in 2014, raising hopes of a breakthrough in the case.

Following a months-long investigation, federal police detained Felipe Flores Velazquez, 58, as he left a house in Iguala after visiting his wife, said National Security Commissioner Renato Sales.

While Flores was finally caught in Iguala, where the mass disappearance occurred more than two years ago, Sales said "he was not always" in the city.


Anonymous said...

Man on fire. Wow. They probably saw the movie and said , what a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Mexicans are fleeing..people like this are in charge..Mexican people need another revolution and hang these guys in the street. Between the US supplying money to the drug trade and guys like this..they feel helpless.Mexicans need to take back thier country!!.. so they don't have to come here to find jobs and a peaceful life.

Anonymous said...

and people think it's racist to build a wall to keep people like these out of the US?

Anonymous said...

Another no info person. Most people coming over border are not mexicans. There won't be a wall in any event.