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Monday, October 24, 2016

A Viewer Writes: Another Lazy Driver

Joe -

No, the driver was not having engine problems. Family of 5 returning from Halloween thing at zoo. Plenty of parking at Civic Center and parking lot across from zoo. Bicyclist almost hit by opposing traffic trying to get around him. He gave me the finger when I politely asked him why in the hell would you park there. Called SPD, but driver high-tailed it out of there when he saw me on cell. Unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

yesterday coming to Salisbury from O.C. Turned on ocean city road and just passed over Rt 90 overpass and there was a pick-up truck parked facing me. I had to stop because of on-coming traffic. Talk about idiots.

Anonymous said...

Like our government - people just don't care what they do. Just imagine all the budget problems that would be solved if all of these idiots were caught and fined. Just like the dopes that drive while texting and talking on cell phones. This state and nation would be in a surplus.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt there are stupid drivers doing stupid things as I have seen them myself, but in this instance, are there no parking signs? I see the curb is not painted. Other than there not enough room to safely park there long-term, just what exactly is the law regarding this instance?

Anonymous said...

1:51 PM

It's classified as being in the county, not the city. Good question. I do know the residences on the southbound side cannot park on the curb. Notice driveways. SPD said it was not legal. Been member of Elk's for over 30 years - I have never seen anybody park at that location.