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Monday, October 24, 2016

Hogan: Side deal to keep Marriott in Md. is ‘necessary’

WASHINGTON — Maryland got great news this week: Marriott is staying in the Bethesda area, where it has been for 60 years.

Marriott had been threatening to move out of the state and build its new $600 million headquarters elsewhere.

“We did not want to see them leave the state, and they were seriously considering it,” said Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. Both Virginia and D.C. had been working hard to win over Marriott.

But a side deal that sweetened the pot to get the Fortune 500-company to stay in Maryland has some concerned. An incentives package offered to Marriott includes $22 million in subsidies from Montgomery County and another $22 million from the state of Maryland.

Hogan said the incentives package is necessary.



Anonymous said...

Now Marylanders are footing the bill!
If Marty hadn't made this state so business unfriendly, this level of incentives would not be necessary!

Anonymous said...

He's no different than O'Malley.....

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't matter if they leave. There should be enough jobs to absorb any company moves, etc. This isn't so due exclusively to democrat policies which over regulate causing smaller business to close. The democrats are for big business and would love to see all commerce, trade and services controlled by a handful of large corps.

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't have been done if in the end the revenues wouldn't surpass the "investment". It's business, people, and government is a business.

Concerned Retiree said...

This 22 million should be put in the State Employee Retirement Fund to start paying back what they stole out of it. Knowing Politians they will take this 22 million out of the Retirement fund instead. Hogan is screwing us again instead of making MD more business friendly he is buying them off with tax / retirement dollars. Just like O'Malley and the DemocRATs do.

Anonymous said...

So what were the subsidies that Maryland gave to Marriott. Useless article tells us they are getting subsidies but doesn't tell us what they are. Are they actual subsidies IE transfers of money or are they tax breaks that allow the company to keep their own money. Big difference between the two. I deplore the breakdown in the quality of reporting that has taken place in this country.

Unknown said...

I was listening to a conversation recently concerning a Marriott in Waldorf Md. The service described was unimaginable, in a bad way. Bedding had hair, blood and maybe other bodily fluids on them. When complained they were told sometimes when linen comes out of laundry hair becomes 'weaved' into linen. About the same response when complained to corporate, but did receive a refund.

I would strongly recommend NOT staying at this particular hotel and be vigilant at other Marriott's and hotels in general. I always check beds and rooms for bedbugs before settling in.