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Monday, October 24, 2016

Posting Ballot Selfies: Personal Choice or Illegal Act?

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — You probably already know whether you’ll vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton on Election Day, leaving one important question to consider when you walk into your polling place: Is it OK to take a picture of your ballot?

While secrecy in the voting booth has become a thing of the past for those ready to share their views and daily lives on social media, laws nationwide are mixed on whether voters are allowed to take pictures of themselves in the act or of their ballots — “ballot selfies”.

Federal judges have struck down bans on selfies in New Hampshire and Indiana, and rules have been changed in places like California and Rhode Island, but in many states it’s still a violation that carries potential fines or jail terms.

There are laws against sharing any photo of your ballot in 18 states, while six other states bar photography in polling places but do allow photos of mail-in ballots, according to a review by The Associated Press.



Anonymous said...

Maryland? I think it's a great idea, especially this election!

Steve said...

Who cares if it's "legal" or not? This Government needs accountability shoved up its a$$ more than anything! What will they do, arrest the entire population for doing the right thing????

Where is a jail big enough to hold us all, and what jury would convict any of us????

These tyrants are losing power, and it is because of US!

Keep up the good work!

TRUMP will win this tear, and there's really nothing "they" can do!