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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Standard Of Living Of The Irredeemables Continues To Plunge As 'Not So Hidden' Inflation Soars

We all know the BLS artificially suppresses the CPI through bullshit substitution adjustments, quality adjustments, and various other incomprehensible hedonic adjustments made by government apparatchiks at the behest of their politician bosses. Some obscure theoretical academic calculation called owners equivalent rent accounts for almost a quarter of the CPI weighting.

It has no relation to reality as it has increased by only 12% since 2012, while the Case Shiller Housing Price Index is up 52% over the same time frame. The median price of existing home sales is up 30% over the same time frame. It also has no relation to rent increases, as they have gone up 22% nationally since 2012. It’s essentially a made up number by goal seeking bureaucrats doing the bidding of their establishment masters.

Prior to Greenspan and his cronies getting their grubby little non-callused academic hands on it in the 1980s, CPI reflected measuring the cost of maintaining a constant standard of living, as measured by a fixed-basket of goods. The purpose of all these adjustments and calculations has been to systematically repress the reported level of inflation as a way to keep the Social Security system solvent, allow the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates falsely lower for their banking cartel owners and the biggest debtor on the planet – the U.S. government, and to conceal from the average American how far their standard of living has fallen. It ain’t working.

The average household might not know real median household income is at the same level it was in 1989, but they know they are treading water on a daily basis – using credit cards to sustain themselves while paying 15% interest to the Wall Street banking cartel.

They know their wages are stagnant and their every day costs relentlessly rise. Real hourly wages, using the fake CPI, are up just 1.4% in the past year. In reality, using an accurate measure of inflation, real wages are falling. The government can tell them inflation is only up 1.5% in the last year, but they know better. Their real everyday inflation is north of 4%, as measured before the 1990 coverup began. Now, even the BLS is starting to lose control of the narrative of no inflation.



Anonymous said...

After the coming election the economy will fail so dramatically that every one will be taken in by fear and shock.

Anonymous said...

Yet they already know Hillary has already Won

because the system IS Rigged just like Trump says

So mid class being driven down to POOR class with her

Anonymous said...

Our children will suffer the most.

Anonymous said...

Comcast Cable-from $117.00 to $145.50 per month (basic only)this year.
Medical Ins. increased by $28.00 per month from last year
Car Ins. increased by $45.00 from last year (no accidents or tickets!)
House Ins. increased by $72.00

Govt says food prices have not gone up....liars.

Anonymous said...

Remember when cable was 70.00 and now 130.00..milk used to be 1.97 -1994 now ins was 89.00 now 135.00 just getting worse and worse..really hard to justify these prices especially the meteoric rise since Obama came to office..and at the same time wages are the same since 1998.