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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Illegals, Refugees, Vote Fraud: Democrats and Media Stage a Coup

Based primarily on instinct, this is something I have been wanting to write about for some time. Until now, though, the facts just weren't available to back up my instinct. The case I'm about to lay out is pretty damning and therefore requires more than just one's gut. Sadly, numerous reports pointing to massive vote fraud that have come out recently confirm my worst fears. Democrats, in open collusion with the mainstream media, are staging a slow-motion coup d'é·tat against American voters.

Simply put, because Democrats and the MSM do not like Americans, we are being quietly replaced with millions and millions of compliant foreigners, and because these foreigners cannot yet vote, as we are now seeing in numerous states and cities, this is being remedied through massive vote fraud.



Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that Obama is in "violation of federal law", so where is Congress in impeaching him? Obama and fellow Democrats took an oath to uphold the laws set forth in our Constitution and they are totally ignoring it and getting away with it. They belong behind bars!

Anonymous said...

And you have a divided Supreme court where at least 4 of the justices don't give a crap about the constitution